The 7th Annual Summit on the Economy

sponsored by the Governor’s Woods Foundation and The Economic Innovation Group

What are the fundamental building blocks of a healthy economy? The mainstream answer used to be an educated workforce; an open, global market; a tax and regulatory structure that put a premium on innovation, higher productivity and investment; free flowing capital markets punished or rewarded by a free market and not from the government’s selection of winners and losers, among other factors. Today, however, economic dynamism and entrepreneurship are on the decline, not surging. Payoffs from education have become increasingly complex as more is expected from students in terms of financial and time investment. Walls and borders are now becoming distinctive features of a higher fear, less integrated form of globalization. Technology provides new efficiencies and opportunities but also generates displacement of workers.  Economic and opportunity inequality inside the world’s leading market democracies have worsened, creating widely different economic and political realities for those living in superforming cosmopolitan hubs and everyone else. The world is still grappling with whether American leadership in promotion an open and liberal trading and investment system has come to an end.

The 2017 Economy Summit, organized by the Governor’s Woods Foundation and the Economic Innovation Group, will assemble a diverse array of economic thinkers, innovators, policymakers, technologists, business leaders, and media commentators to wrestle through the questions of how to move the equilibrium between economic stakeholders in a more healthy direction that respectively addresses what is driving economic crises, what is leaving more people behind, and what is depressing the very innovation and opportunity that the US economy needs in order to be revitalized and lift more boats.

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